Sunday, August 29, 2010

Transitional Front Door!

Flags to Footballs...CHEERful front door decor!

So - the tiny bit of "Fall" weather we got last week (75 degrees until 10 am!) got me thinking. This is a transitional time of year for my front door wreath. I am a firm believer that "flags" on your front door can last all summer. You have memorial day, then fourth of july...and if you want to count Labor day - you can take your flags all the way into September! But by that time, I feel like Fall.....SO - I have an idea of how you can transition your flag wreath (or in my case, flag bucket) into a fun idea that cheers on your hometown team (and it gets you thru the "hot" season til you can feel right about placing leaves on pumpkins on your door!)
Check out these pictures...I will walk you thru the process!

You can tell here that I started with a bucket of flags! I rolled them up and taped them down because the wooden dowels were still useful to me. I cut out new flags made from leftover construction paper and scrapbook paper.
Then came the sticky letters (available at any craft store or teacher supply). Rah Rah and Let's Go! will work for any team - but you can customize the colors and team name.
I punched 2 holes in the side of each flag and tied them on with ribbon.

Curly ribbon in your color choice adds a nice touch to the flags - just fun and festive! But, really, any ribbon will do! Then, I had my son bring down a small football he didn't use and I pinned it to one of the flags with a pearl pin (any pin or even hot glue will work!) it is! The finished product. If your door gets a lot of sun during the day, you will probably want to laminate the flags or use felt instead of paper. Football season is around the corner! Go Frogs!!!


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ally007 said...

you are too cute! your flag bucket rocks! thanks for sharing such a fun idea!