Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bringing it Up a Notch

I am so excited to announce that Splurge! is launching a NEW blog site! This is an out of the box adventure for us...I can handle the creative side of things, but creating on the computer is another art form all together! We hope to add pictures and "how to's" for all our events - big and small- plus, we will have an inspiration page that will give you super creative and super thrifty ideas for you to copy and play off of for your next event! In addition, you will be able to link to all of our favorite vendors....photography, cakes, music and more!

My fabulous friend, Michael Livesay-Wright is designing our new logo and I am thrilled to see it all come together. He and his precious wife, Yvette, have started their custom designed invitation line - Lola Lorena Ltd. (named after their beautiful daughter, Lola Lorena, who at age 2 has more gorgeous hair than the little mermaid!) They are dear friends and I am always blown away with what Micheal creates...truly Amazing God- given talent!

I am also enlisting the help of another fabulous blog designer I heard about through one of my sisters co-workers...I checked out her stuff and she definitely has the "Splurge!" kind of style. Her company is Pink Armchair Designs. http://pinkarmchairdesigns.blogspot.com/
She is actually hosting a contest to win a free blog design and I am hoping she will choose Splurge! Cheer us on! And check her out...you just may want one, too!

In other exciting news, Splurge! will have another intern this summer. Her name is Jessica and she is fantastic! I met her through the TCU design and fashion program when I offered for anyone who was looking for experience to come work an event with me. She volunteered and was a perfect fit. She has been helping me in between school activities, but starting June 2, she will be focused on events! I am sure you will be hearing from her soon and she will captivate you as she has captivated me.

Blessings!...here's to new, fun adventures

Jenna Lee
Splurge! Events


Pink Armchair Designs by Jenny said...

Very cool! I'd love to design your blog whether you win the contest or not! Your business sounds like SO much fun!

Sarah said...

Ok...where is you latest party? My fabulous Nesting party for William Jack! The world needs to see your talent in true form! Love you sweet sister!